Safety First

Our Commitment to achieving our Safety Vision lies at the very core of our business.

For David Jones to achieve our safety vision, we need all workers to put their safety first, every day, in every task they do.

Our Safety Vision is supported by our brand- SafetyFirst@davidjones – and the concept of traffic lights, which reinforce that we need to think about safety and act safely in order to be safe.

You will notice these two images in every David Jones store. They are a constant reminder of our commitment and your commitment to safety.



The first and most important thing you need to learn about safety is…to stop and THINK! If you don’t think about the task at hand- you won’t be able to ACT safe in order to BE safe.


What do I need to think about before doing this task?

What process do I need to follow?

What equipment could I use to assist me?

Once you have thought about the task and how you can do it safely, you can then ACT.


Follow the steps in the safety procedure

Use the correct equipment

Allow plenty of time and DON’T take short cuts

If you ACT correctly and work in a safe manner then you will BE safe.


Return home injury free