Before commencing work at a David Jones site, individual contractors must successfully complete the relevant David Jones Online Safety Induction.

All individuals that will perform work on David Jones sites are required to complete an Online David Jones Safety Induction.

For employees of contractors, your employer will enrol you in the relevant induction and assessment through the contractor portal.

There are three inductions currently available;

  • General Safety Induction,
  • General Safety + Cleaning Induction, and
  • General Safety + Construction & Maintenance

Upon successful completion of your induction and assessment, you will be issued a contractor card. You must bring this contractor card with you every time you visit a David Jones site.

To find out which induction your employees are to complete click on the link Which Induction do my employees need to complete. This will show all occupations and the corresponding induction required

If you change your employment to another company that will be providing services to David Jones please advise your new employer to contact Pegasus Safety to arrange for your details to be updated.

Please contact your employer to start the induction process. Once booked in you’ll receive an automated email link to your course. Simply click the link contained in the email to undertake the induction.

Safety Induction Modules are also available for download on the Documents & Information page.

Employers, please click Register Now to set up your employees for the induction.