Companies/Business Entities

All companies or business entities conducting activities or work, on any David Jones site, are required to undertake the Contractor Management System Pre-Qualification processes.

This involves registering with and logging into the online registration portal, which is managed by Pegasus Safety.

To prepare for this registration process, you will be required to have copies and details of all:

  • Insurances such as Workers Compensation and Public Liability
  • Company Trade Licences (if required)
  • Safety Management System (SMS) documentation or AS4801 compliance information (if required)

Based on the type of work that you perform on a David Jones site, you will be given a predetermined risk category of either 1A, 1B, 2, or 3. Selected categories may be required to undergo a Safety Management System (SMS) review.

Once registered, your business will be pre-qualified. You will be able to register the details of your employees who will be engaged to perform work on a David Jones site. If your company engages sub-contractors to perform work on any David Jones site, you must ensure they register their business and any employees that perform work on any David Jones site.

To start, click Register Now

  • Company Registration
    Go to the David Jones Contractor Portal by clicking to begin the registration process. If your company is not already registered in the system, you will be required to enter your company ABN and details to register for an account on the David Jones Contractor Portal. Once approved, you will receive an email with logon details to the portal.
  • Company Profile
    Log onto the David Jones Contractor Portal with the logon details sent to you via email. Complete the Company Profiling section by answering all applicable questions. A risk category will be assigned to your company and you will be required to pay a registration fee based on the risk category via an online transaction.
  • Insurance & Licence Upload (if required)
    Upload all relevant documents – Depending on the answers provided in the profiling questionnaire, the system will determine whether you need to provide Insurance Policies and Licenses for the work your company performs.

    Pegasus will review and verify your documents within 3 working days.
  • SMS Review (if required)
    Complete the SMS review – Depending on the answers provided in the profiling questionnaire, the system will determine whether an audit of your company's Safety Management System (SMS) is required.

    Pegasus will review your SMS within 5 working days.
  • SMS Action Management (if applicable)
    If any deficiencies are identified in your company’s SMS, Pegasus will work with your company to help you fix them quickly, completely and cost effectively.

    Pegasus will assist in corrective actions in order for your company to achieve compliance within 10 working days.
  • Enter Employee Details
    Enter and edit your company employee details in the David Jones Contractor Portal; this includes personal contact details, address, phone number, photo and email address.
  • Register for Online Induction
    Register all your employees that undertake work on David Jones site for online induction.

    All your employees must complete the compulsory General Safety Online Induction in order to become compliant to work at David Jones sites.

    In addition to this compulsory module certain contractor employees must complete other modules depending on the work they perform.

    The additional modules are: Cleaning , and Building and Maintenance. See Appendix E for a full list of who must complete each of these additional induction modules.

    Once enrolment has been completed, an email will be sent to each of your employees enrolled in an induction with a link and log in instructions to the online inductions.
  • Complete Induction & Assessment
    Your employees can access the online induction following the log in details received by email. The following is an estimate of the time required to complete each induction, including assessment: Genera Safety – up to 35 minutes, Cleaning – up to 20 minutes, Building & Maintenance – up to 25 minutes. The online induction assessment can be taken as many times as necessary until successful completion.

    Contractor employees that have not completed an online induction will not be granted access to David Jones sites.

    Inductions are valid for a 2 year period.
  • Receive Card
    When a contractor employee successfully completes the online induction, a David Jones Contractor Card will be posted to your company address within 3 working days. Should you fail to receive your employees' contractor cards within 3 working days, contact Pegasus via one of the following means:

    Phone: 1300 651 989 (7am to 5pm AEST, Monday to Friday)


    Upon receipt of the cards, they must be distributed to the contractor employees prior to work commencing at David Jones Sites. Contractor Cards are required to sign in and out of David Jones sites.

    The Contractor Card has an expiration date of 2 years from induction time and will be printed on the card.
  • Ongoing Induction, Insurance and Licence Renewal
    Ensure all your employees that undertake work on David Jones sites have a valid Contractor Card. Upon expiration, your employees are required to enrol and complete the appropriate online inductions to obtain a new Contractor Card.

    As soon as your policies, insurances and licences expire, make sure to submit updated documents to Pegasus in order to maintain compliance.
  • Random Site Audit
    David Jones will conduct random audits to contractor employees on site to ensure: Contractor company is compliant in David Jones Contractor Management System, Contractor employee has completed the necessary induction module and validity of Contractor Card

All contractor companies who engage the services of sub-contractors to perform work on David Jones sites must ensure those sub-contractors are registered on the David Jones Contractor Portal.

This involves registering with and logging onto the online David Jones Contractor Portal, which is managed by Pegasus Safety.

Once your sub-contractor company is registered, all their employees that undertake work on David Jones sites will need to be pre-registered. There is no fee payable for sub-contractor company’s registering on the David Jones Portal.